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Awakening Your Light Body- April 1

Opening to Channel- May 17


Life coaching in a lightwork-themed course you tune in to the pure, pure light and consciousness of your Essence, your Divine Self.


Awakening your Light Body is a sublime in which you activate ten new energy centers, building a refined energy system that results in the activation of your light body.


Clear Lightwork Consulting offers transformational services designed to help individuals reach their highest potential by finding their abundance in every aspect of life - self, finances, and relationships. 


My name is Rick your lightbody guide

I invite you to open up to who you are inside and find your inner truth.  What rings true to you will change over time, so it's important to update beliefs that no longer fit you.

Testimonial from Tom Swartz

"I had a Channeling Class from Rick and it was a real treat. I did have some doubts and fears, however, Rick intuitively knew just when to chime in and what supportive things to say. My intuition was I wanted to work with Rick, and it was right."

3-24-2023 Rick_edited.jpg


  • Opening to Higher Parts of Yourself
  • Virtual Event
    Energetic healing on many levels


Exploring the higher realms of reality through lightbody meditation is so very exciting for me. The more I experience and learn the more I realize there is to know and be aware of. Helping others to experience the higher spaces and levels of themselves is very joyful for me. The higher spaces are truly heaven on earth. The amount of aliveness, fullness, wholeness, and increased connection with source quenches a thirst within me. I have longed for this connection with source at a deep level, and it is fulfilled with the lightbody

- Rick Reiner

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