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Soul Love


This is a journey in transformation, and learning to love as your soul does. True communication happens at the Soul level, and it can be easy to connect with others at this level. Turn a challenging relationship into one of harmony, connect with others through time and space, and increase the love you hold for yourself.

The teachings offered in this workshop are based on the book “Soul Love” by Sanaya Roman and her guide Orin. Many wonderful changes can happen as you open to your soul's love and wisdom. You will be planting seeds of growth and expansion that can unfold for weeks and months afterward. Some seeds may sprout immediately, and others may blossom over time.

Enjoy the serenity and oneness of love, strengthen your will to love, and surrender to
love. Learn how to more easily experience soul love, peace, joy, bliss, and alive-ness moment-to-moment through guided meditations.

  • Learn ways of interacting with others to rise above conflict.

  • Open to love and accept yourself in any given moment.

  • Connect with others at the soul level.

  • Experience the joy of inner peace and serenity.


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This workshop consists of many guided meditations, discussion, and time to reflect. I greatly enjoy helping others find peace within themselves and their relationships.
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