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Creating money and abundance can be done from a spiritual focus. This is a step-by-step guide to the art of manifesting using advanced energy techniques, magnetism, and the spiritual laws of abundance. It is important for you as light workers to have the tools you need to be abundant and be successful in getting your work out to the world where you can help others. It is important that money become a source of light on the planet and that people like you who are contributing light and good be able to attract abundance.

This class helps you to learn the way the universe works, how you naturally draw material items, people, and events into your life, and how to significantly increase your ability to draw them to you. You have the power to affect your reality that you may not even be aware of. We will have a sizable focus on thoughts, and how they affect your reality.

The class touches on many areas and many levels of reality, and it provides a good understanding of the way the universe works.  We can draw material items, relationships, and qualities to us by working hard to get them, or in a more joyful way by understanding how things work.  I hope to provide a new perspective on how our emotions, thoughts, intentions, and expectations work, and how we can naturally use them to draw things to us.

  • Follow the spiritual laws of money

  • Develop unlimited thinking

  • Trust your inner self and create miracles.

  • Create clarity, joy, and light with money.

  • Listen to your inner guidance.

  • Use advanced manifesting techniques.

  • Create your life's work

  • Transform your beliefs, allow success

  • Magnetize and draw to you what you want

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Your core/essence/soul/source/god within is a part of the class.  I certainly do not tell a person who their source is, but I can provide space to help a person listen within.  We are influenced by the thoughts/emotions/expectations around us.  By manifesting and drawing things to us while in alignment with our higher self/source things can be significantly more joyful. This class includes meditations to find your center and operate/manifest from that center.
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