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  • This is a course to greatly expand your awareness of yourself, your place in the universe, and how you fit in the universe.
  • The light body is a vehicle of light you create that will allow you to sense and work with higher, finer energies and transform your personality, consciousness, thoughts, feelings, situations, relations and your life circumstances to a higher vibration. It offers spiritual awakening as you progress through the levels and explore increasingly higher realms and dimensions, open to your soul and spirit, and meet and work with masters, guides, and evolved beings.

Studying at Home

Life Coaching

  • You don't have to live in struggle and hardship.  Life can be joyful and filled with light.  Rick can help you bring your energy to a higher vibration and find the peace within you.  He can help you make changes and shifts in your life.
  • Passionate about helping people find their highest path.

  • Enjoy helping people get their energy flowing and allowing love to be a force of good.

  • I will help you move through your challenges and open to who you are inside. 

  • Your challenges can bring you deeper happiness.

  • Your true self is infinite.

  • Rick is good at helping people find their center, to know their inner truth, and to shift upward.

Working on a Computer

Creating Abundance

  • ​Learn to allow material items into your life.
  • Let go of scarcity thinking and struggle.

  • Align with your higher path.

  • Trust in yourself and the universe


Soul Love

  • Learn ways of interacting with others to rise above conflict.

  • Open to love and accept yourself in any given moment.

  • Connect with others at the soul level.

  • Experience the joy of inner peace and serenity.


Digital Products

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